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Training Requirements

Training is essential to growing within the industry.  Good training can provide an increased knowledge and improved job performance.  ACE places a high value on training and requires training for certification and recertification.  

ACE does not require a specific training provider or training program.  We do partner with several training organizations to provide testing opportunities following a training course.  However, ACE does not review or approve training courses.   

Continuing Education Documentation for Certification

ACE recognizes industry approved continuing education credits towards certification or recertification.  Proof of completion is required for all continuing education credits applied to the prerequisites for certification or recertification.  ACE reserves the right to request the course description and objectives for training submitted. 

Prerequisites for Initial Certification
Continuing education should be specific to Inspection, Testing or Maintenance (ITM) of Water-based Fire Protection Systems or NFPA 25. For those testing for Level II only, a maximum of eight (8) continuing education credits can be applied for training specific to other certifications such as backflow, alarms, OSHA, etc.  For example, only a maximum of 8.0 continuing education credits could be applied specific to backflow inspections or repair even if the course was more than 8.0 hours.  Those testing for Level I and ALL recertifications must have 16 hours of training specific to ITM or NFPA 25.  

1 Contact Hour = 1 Continuing Education Credit

At a minimum, training documentation should contain:

  • Date(s) attended,
  • Location of the training
  • Name of the company or organization that sponsored the sessions,
  • Title and/or Subject matter of the sessions
  • Signature of the training provider
  • If necessary, a brief description of the subject matter’s relevance to the practice area if it is not clear from the title of the session.