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A New Certification Program

Welcome to the ACE Certification Program – Validating Knowledge and Experience in Fire Sprinkler System Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

The ACE program of validating knowledge and experience in fire sprinkler system inspection, testing, and maintenance began its journey in 2008.  The need for a comprehensive and reliable testing and certification program that also provided exceptional customer service was critical to the field. To ensure the highest standards were met, a select group of exceptionally qualified stakeholders was assembled to contribute to the development process.

Our primary objective was clear from the start: create a program capable of verifying the expertise of professionals responsible for inspecting and testing water-based fire suppression systems. We aimed to meet and exceed the rigorous standards set by states and jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Shortly after its development, the test and validation process of the ACE program gained approval from the State of Florida. Over the years, the Academy Certification Exams (ACE) has successfully certified thousands of fire sprinkler inspection and testing personnel. The program has garnered widespread acclaim from various stakeholders, including test-takers, company owners, authorities having jurisdiction, and others involved in the fire protection industry.

It is important to note that ACE holds the status of a NICET equivalent in the states of Florida and Georgia. Additionally, ACE certification is accepted by NASA contractors in Florida, further demonstrating the program’s credibility and recognition in the industry.

At ACE, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in fire sprinkler system inspection, testing, and maintenance. Our rigorous requirements including training, experience and the successful passing of the exam ensures that certified professionals possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to safeguard lives and property through the proper inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems.

Join us in our mission to maintain the highest standards of fire protection by becoming ACE certified.

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