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How to Apply for Certification

Click the Account button on the menu bar and select “Create New Account”.  After you’ve created your account, you’ll be taken to your Account page.

Once logged in, click on the Register for an Exam link on the left side of your Account page.  You will be shown a list of all upcoming exams. Select one to begin the registration process.

When registering you will need to provide your training and work history.  Certificate for training can be uploaded directly to your account.  An Work Experience Validation Form will need to be completed, signed and uploaded.  Documents can be signed electronically. 

Work Validation Form

Once registration is complete, ACE Staff will review your application
and validate your work experience and training.  

Once your application is approved, you will receive notification of acceptance and be given a final confirmation and information for taking the exam.

Exams are graded and results will be emailed to the email address on file.  Exam scores will be sent out within 7 – 10 business days of the exam date.  

Certification is awarded.