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ACE Recognized Training Providers

ACE Recognized Training Providers understand that ACE does not review or endorse training programs or materials but simply partner with training organizations to help candidates identify providers who have agreed to the terms below and recognize the value of training as it relates to certification and further job performance and opportunities.

ACE Recognized Training Providers agree to:

  • Advocate for the value and significance of ACE certification within the fire sprinkler industry.
  • Refrain from applying for, sitting for, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to ACE certification examinations and test questions.
  • Safeguard the security and confidentiality of ACE material which may include practice tests, certification examinations, and individual test questions by not discussing, disseminating, or compromising their integrity.
  • Deliver training that covers a comprehensive range of job tasks associated with specific technical specialty areas, aiming to enhance candidates’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes without solely focusing on “teaching to the test.”
  • Abiding by ACE Policies and Procedures and the ACE Code of Ethics.

Any questions or inquires about ACE’s policies or procedures should be directed to ACE.

** By completing the form below, you agree to the terms outlined above and understand that as a Recognized Training Provider, the contact information provided will be posted on ACE’s website and given out as requested.  It is your responsibility to keep the contact information current.

Training Provider
Contact Name
Contact Name

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